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December 14th, 2011

Merlin Games Gift Exchange Fic

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Prompt for Historical #2 - All I want for Christmas is a drawble or a drabble based on this prompt: Merlin/Uther, Christmas cuddles
Word Count: ~1900

As there are four teams in the Merlin Games I thought that I would write a ficlet for each team style and mix it up a bit - hence, of the four fics:
* two are in present tense, two in past
* one gen, two established relationships and one first time
* one angst, one fluff, one dark (noncon), one Australian
* one Arthur POV, one Uther and two Merlin POV

YES - THERE IS NON-CON IN THE THIRD FICLET. No other warnings other than possible underage for the third and fourth ficlets because Merlin's age is not stated. In my head Merlin is at least 18 but I don't make that clear.

Four Times Merlin and Uther Cuddled for Christmas )

August 4th, 2009

Lacing Up Arthur

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Title: Lacing Up Arthur
Genre: crossdressing!Arthur smut
Rating: NC17
Author's Notes: Merlin has harsh thoughts about himself in this story. Please be assured that this is not my genuine opinion, but the reaction of a stressed character.

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