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February 17th, 2011

Snupin LDWS Week 3

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Title: Rinse, Lather, Repeat...
Summary: The universe never seems to cut them a break and Severus isn't the forgiving type.
Warnings: none
Word count: 200 exactly
Prompt: Missed Opportunities / first

September 1st, First Year

"Oh no," the older girl had said, grimacing. "Slytherin is nothing but dark creatures and criminals!" Which was why Remus had felt confident in assuring his new friend that he'd be in Slytherin. As the hat shouted "Gryffindor!" the boy's look of betrayal scorched him where he stood.

Valentine's Day, Fourth Year

"Lupin," Snape sneered in passing. Remus' stomach coiled at the sound of his name drawled in Snape's newly deepened whisky-tinged tones.

"Snape," he muttered. Snape paused, dark eyes flicking back momentarily to take in Remus' parted lips and lanky body. For an instant Remus thought... but then Snape swirled around the corner and was gone.

Seventh Year sometime

"You know I didn't know what he was planning!" Remus blurted before Severus could disappear again.

"I do not," Severus replied. "Nor do I care. Stay away from me, animal!" Pointedly, he drew his robe away from any contamination. Remus flinched as Severus turned eyes of seared charcoal on him. "You owe me that much for the lies," Snape said.

Voldemort's Fall, dusk

Remus waited by Dumbledore's tomb. Either Snape would come or he wouldn't. Remus didn't actually fancy his chances much, but ... he waited.

February 10th, 2011

Snupin LDWS Week 2

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Title: When the Devil Drives
Author: [info]tetsubinatu
Summary: Trapped together at the full moon, Severus holds Lupin's life in his hands.
Warnings: horror
Word Count: < 300
Prompt: Trapped at the Full Moon / zero

"There are two ways of getting this wrong," Lupin said, handing the knife to Severus. "One will get you killed and the other will kill me."

"Your loss would make zero difference to the Order," Severus replied, running an appraising finger along the blade. "I wonder that you should even suggest that I take the chance."

"Our choices are limited," Lupin said colourlessly.

Lupin had removed most of his clothing already and was testing their salvaged rope in a manner that seemed almost idle until one noticed the slight trembling of his hands. When Severus reached for it Lupin handed the rope to him without demur, only taking one deep breath before folding himself into position beside the exposed beam.

Never had Lupin looked more vulnerable. Ironic, in some ways. Less so, in others.

Severus started with his arms.

"Not so tight," Lupin protested, "The wolf's bigger."

"It won't kill you!" Severus snapped.

"It might stress the ropes."

Severus scowled, but conceded the point by loosening the bindings. He hesitated when he reached Lupin's face, but they'd practiced this and he managed the loose loops around Lupin's jaw and nose which would effectively muzzle the wolf easily enough, finishing with a brutal tether to further restrict the movement of Lupin's head.

"This will work?" he prodded again.

"Just keep killing the wolf until the moon sets," Lupin repeated wearily. "Slit its throat or, if that's too dangerous, stab it to the heart. As moonset approaches..."

"I know," Severus said, "You'll become weaker and if I kill you in the last minutes you may not recover..."

"If you need to, don't hesitate: cut its head off," Lupin interrupted, holding Severus' gaze until, abruptly, his eyes clouded and the first tremors shook his rigid frame.

Severus lifted the knife.

February 5th, 2011

Snupin LDWS Week 1

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Title: Staying Awake in the Staff Meeting
Author: [info]tetsubinatu
Summary: Minerva drones on while our boys amuse themselves
Warnings: Post-series, with the usual non-canon survivors.
Word Count: < 300 words
Prompt: Colleagues / assuage

tap Lupin's finger jerked again, although Minerva, droning her way through the minutiae of the first staff meeting of the year, did not appear to notice.

tap pause tap

Severus ground his teeth silently.


If Minerva waffled on much more Severus was going to fall asleep.

Board of Governors blah blah grand heritage of Albus Dumbledore tap future of the school ...blah... Dumbledore tap blah blah ...

Wait... what?

Severus fixed his eyes on Lupin's annoying hands (what right had a werewolf to have hands so well-shaped, so elegant?) and waited for the next...

Dumbledore... tap

Lupin was attempting to assuage his boredom by counting every time Minerva said Dumbledore! No consideration whatsoever for the rest of them, of course! Severus' mouth hardened even further into its customary scowl before a thought occurred to him; he smirked.

"blah... blah... future..." Minerva said and Severus swung his foot, hard.

Lupin gasped, shooting him a reproachful look, but his finger still came down with its customary tap at the next Dumbledore. Snape waited patiently.

... future ... kick

Lupin's eyes narrowed but Severus got in another two kicks before his prey discovered the trigger and began to dodge. He didn't stop tapping, however, smirking at Severus with every lift of his evil finger.

"...next week," Minerva concluded.

Severus was almost disappointed. He'd only connected about a dozen times and he still had plenty of kick left in him. As he swept towards the door Minerva had a parting word. "Severus," she said. "The future is yours, as Headmaster Dumbledore would have reminded you!" Her chin quivered smugly.

Severus's gaze slid across the staff room to Lupin, who mouthed "caught!", laughing silently as he limped across to the tea tray.

Well, perhaps this year might not be so boring after all.

April 19th, 2010

3 April ldws drabbles

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These drabbles were written for merlin_ldws during April and I must confess, dear readers, that I won the competition! I'm still reeling.

The competition was hosted by merlin_ldws in Feb-Apr 2010 and modded by the patient and kind dreamdustmama. Banners kindly made by arithilim.

Thanks also to my fellow competitors - who by this time were whittled down to just absynthess, snottygrrl and hermette - and to everyone who took the time to read and vote!

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March 29th, 2010

4 March ldws drabbles

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These drabbles were written for merlin_ldws during March. Two of them won their weeks - you should have heard the squeeing at my house!

My thanks to arithilim for the gorgeous banners at the top of those two drabbles!

The competition was hosted by merlin_ldws in 2010 and modded by the patient and kind dreamdustmama.

Thanks also to my fellow competitors and to everyone who took the time to read and vote!

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March 1st, 2010

Last Drabble Writer Standing - Feb.2010 (3 drabbles)

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Three drabbles written for merlin_ldws during February. Week 3 was a winner! :D

The competition was hosted by merlin_ldws in 2010.

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