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May 19th, 2012

Party Games - a ficlet for Somniare

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Prompt: Dustman’s Knock

A more 'advanced' form of postman’s knock in which more physical content is the norm. In this version a girl or boy is chosen to go hide in a cupboard (or bedroom). Another boy or girl is then chosen by chance (e.g. spinning bottle) or selection by others and goes to the place where the other is waiting. What happens then depends on the rules set but can range from a kiss, or a grope and a fumble to full sex.

Fandom: Lewis
Summary: Hathaway is tempted.
WARNING: Discussion of underage sex. Fallibly human James.

PLEASE NOTE that the age of sexual consent in Britain is 16, which is 2 years below the drinking age. Some of the people in this fic are under 18 but none are under 16.

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